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" Cooking with LOVE - Providing food for the SOUL "

Manish Gehlot
IT Professional
Punjabi, Rajasthani, Continental
Acting/Drama, Alternative Education, Farming, Puzzles/Boardgames, Sports
Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Gujrati
Air Conditioning, Elevator, Garden, Parking Space, Restroom, Wi-Fi
Avasa Township

My Story

Learner and Mentor, IT professional and IIT Bombay alumni. I am a technology leader and have worked with big IT consulting companies like IBM and Oracle in senior management roles. Currently working as CIO, Lots wholesale. I love my professional life however my passion and thirst fits more in the field of education, planting trees and water harvesting. I love working with schools and teacher community to device better programs for school teachers and students mainly in the area of Education Philosophy, Technology, Science and Math hands on activities. I enjoy being with kids, and absolutely love music. Another passion is cooking for my family and guests. I keep experimenting with spices and fortunately my experiments come out pretty good :). I can cook almost anything but excellent with Punjabi dishes. I like people to come home and share their thought over a home cooked meal.
Role: Host

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