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" Think like a SCIENTIST, plate like an ARTIST and cook like a GRANDMA "

Sheetal Pasad
Marathi, Gujrati
Alternative Education, Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Health and Fitness, Other, Slow Food, Sustainable Living, Travelling, World Culture
Marathi, Hindi, Gujrati
Jain, Vegan, Vegeterian
Speciality Chef

My Story

I can't say my self chef. But with solo travelling in various contries and diffrent part of India. I share my cooking with them.. Even some reputed restaurants, cafes, small eateries. People really admire my food. And seeing them happy i also love to cook for them, I really like to explore local markets, their kitchen.. What ingredients they using.. Specially in vegetarian. And I try to make food from whatever available things. I am bit conscious foodie.. So i prefar to make food from fresh ingredients instead of pacakets.. Also in travel i was on raw food. Beacuse of my health i tried to eat plant based food. Tried to avoid gluten.. So i make all kind of food as per peoples requirements and availability of food. So my food is always experimental food in my travelling. I learn a lot to use less things.. I am still trying.. Not to use much dry powder spices.. Inshort in my travel i understand that i can make good food.. So i can say my self amature chef. Who has passion to learn and make healthy food...

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