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Dr Kavitha Kshirsagar
Really Great experience !!Received fresh vegetables and fruits from CoTFoo team during this Corona period.Delivery was also very quick. Lots of wishes to CoTFoo team for creating such a great platform and serving very efficiently in this tough time.

Shruti Ahluwalia
Heard about cotfoo from a friend n booked a stall in its first exhibition. I was very apprehensive when I reached there but was really satisfied after knowing about it .

jai sharma
Great concept! really needed in today's fast paced dehumanized society. I like their approach that every host has a special delicacy and an experience to offer, and its a great way to try out new healthy food and make new friends in the process. :) keep up the great work!! :)

Arpit Kayare
As a team member Cotfoo has given me an opportunity to sharpen my skills, Not only the technical but i learned many other things like the sense of responsibility, the values of things around you, and most important is to love the mother nature. The mother nature has given us so many things we should return is back in the form of healthy, stress free, Happy, active and strong community.

Pranay Pandey
Great experience buying genuine edible products from CoTFoo. Overall a great experience, delivery was also very quick. Lots of love to CoTFoo team for creating such a great platform for producers and consumers with a genuine Connect.

Jyoti Shukla
Amita ji's sev are awesome in taste, pure and healthy . I m loving it.

Meera Jhadav
हम पिछले एक साल से राजकुमार से कच्ची घनी का तेल, सेंधा नमक, गुड़ ये सब ले रहे है। ये सब चीज़े use करके मेरे परिवार को बहुत फायदा हुआ है।

Jyoti Shukla
Recently ordered banana chips and sev from Cotfoo Host - Amita Jain. Wonderful taste! My whole family really loved it.

Jai Rathore
Heard about Cotfoo from a friend of mine and recently went through the website. I really liked the concept and the website is also wonderfully made. Kudos to everyone who is a part of the team.

Naina Sharma
Absolutely love the concept. Best of luck to Cotfoo Team in making this a success.

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