Rewards And Referrals

Cotfoo has Rewards and Referral program and you can earn loyalty points as our privileged family members.Following are the details of our program.

Cotfoo Beans - You can earn Cotfoo beans in three ways


1. Bookings on Cotfoo - For every 100 Rs .you spent on Cotfoo, you will earn 1 Cotfoo bean.

2. Signup Bonus- You will earn 50 Cotfoo beans after you signup as a guest, host or Visiting chef and complete your first transaction on Cotfoo.

3. Referral Bonus - You will earn 25 Cotfoo beans per Host/VC/Guest registered through your referral( For upto 20 referrals). Cotfoo beans will be deposited in your account after Host/VC/Guest completes first meal on Cotfoo ).

4. 100 Cotfoo beans can be used for booking a meal upto Rs 200/-

5. Host/Visiting Chef will earn 10 beans for every meal they offer as a gift or using multiple form of wealth instead of pricing your meal. As a host you have the option to offer a meal once in a while as a gift/other form of currency such as act of kindness and do not want any thing in return. This is a value/reputation system Cotfoo is trying to build in the community.