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" Cooking with LOVE - Providing food for the SOUL "

Punjabi, UP/Bihari
Alternative Education, Arts & Crafts, Creative Writing, Filmmaking, Organic Farming, Slow Food, Sustainable Living, Travelling
Bengali, English, Konkani, Hindi
Garden, Organic Farm, Parking Space, Restroom, Wi-Fi
Saket, New Delhi, Delhi, India

My Story

We theme our day around Bihar and its rich food or Konkani Saraswat sacred food. We welcome you with a traditional drink and home made snacks. The menu is shared and most of the preparation pre cooking is done. As we have already interacted to understand your spices and allergy information, we have customized our day menu as per the theme. We encourage participative cooking sessions and you will see what you eat & cook along with your host. All the while we share our life experiences, food experiences and we also talk about the origin of the food and our culture. We organise a farm visit and understand urban farming practices and initiatives if requested during the booking. You may also get to sow if the season allows. We shall also visit local market "Mandi" to experience the market hustle bustle. The whole session is open to suggestion and participation, so even the guest can share/cook a recipe, the ingredients shall be provided by us. The guest recipe and ingredient list must be provided during the booking. India and any culture reside in its home. The household is special because it is local, traditional yet urban, the host is guided by her mother who is a super active beautiful Bihari, loves knitting. We are located in a homely spacious green area of South Delhi and we are well connected with friends who are exploring, initiating alternative and sustainable way of living. We are creative thinkers, creators who might make our space in your hearts! We shall learn the names and purpose of the ingredients used in the recipe, tips and tricks, Indian household, language as we bid soulful "see you soon" to each other.

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