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" Cooking with LOVE - Providing food for the SOUL "

Jagdish Anjana
Natural Farmer
Animals & Pets, Bollywood, Books, Dance, Farming, Gardening, Health and Fitness, Sports, Travelling, Yoga
Malwi, Hindi
Gram Palkehdi

My Story

I am a resident of Jagdish Anjana village Palkhedi. I have been doing natural agriculture for past 2 years at the time when I was started Farming, the first thought came to my mind, the food produced by me would exploit people or nourish them. Then I started practicing natural farming according to Subhash Palekar's ZBNF method and now I am producing all the crops with this method. And now I can say for sure that I have Produced every single grain of the people for the nourishment. जय हिंद देश का पैसा देश में और गांव का पैसा गांव में यही हमारा नारा है जय भारत
Role: Host

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