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Ambikesh Khandelwal
Blogging, Entreprenuership, Organic Farming
English, Hindi
Organic Farm
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

My Story

I am Ambikesh Khandelwal, who born and brought up in a village called Amjhera which is 90 Kms away from Indore. Before setting out for the good education and a professional career which I had in different cities in India, I only lived in my village where my family have a farming land and Cows and we used to have the pure milk and farm fresh Vegetables and Fruits . The professional career had a toll on me mentally and physically due to the lifestyle it offers and I am kind of a person who cant remain confined in the cubicles this made me leave my job and go back to my roots my homeland. I started to acquire knowledge about benefits of organic farming and how it can be made sustainable by the help of Desi Cows . As of now I am involved in organic farming and dairy products and trying to make this healthy products affordable for everybody.
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