Heritage event hosted by Cotfoo - ‘सौंधा स्वाद’

On Good Friday, March 30th, Indore witnessed a unique food festival  ‘सौंधा स्वाद ’ co hosted by Cotfoo. This was a heritage food festival to revive our cultural values and pay gratitude to our grandparents.  A Food festival of heirloom recipes where younger generation got an opportunity to cook a traditional dish with their grandparents and serve it to the food connoisseurs. Come and be part of this unique event to . 
This was an amazing platform for children to interact and learn from the elders the culinary skills, processes and wisdom, feel love, blessing and soulful food and learn meaningful life lessons. For visitors it was an oppurtunity to savour the taste of age-old traditional dishes prepared by Dadi and Nani. The children were very enthusiastic and interested in learning how the food was made and the stories behind them.


There were more than thirty decked up stalls put up by families, with delicious homemade food. There were a variety of traditional, authentic dishes from regions all over our country. There was Pinni from Punjab, Dal Kachori and Dum Aaloo from Uttar Pradesh,  Lapsi and Kadhi from Gujrat and many other such dishes. One stall even showcased old clay and copper vessels in which these recipes were traditionally cooked. The event was a reminder that no matter how progressive we become, old traditions and values never die.

In today’s age life is so fast paced that we are always in a rush. We want everything quickly, even our food. Food that can be cooked fast and consumed even faster, food that is harmful for our health; physically and mentally. We are so busy that we have forgotten the importance of slow-cooked food. Food that is cooked with the utmost love and care.

Saundha Swad reminded us that these old recipes are a very big part of who we are and where we come from. Sharing these recipes is the best way to pass down family traditions and old stories, it’s a way to bring together different generations and celebrate the joy of living in a community. Find more details about this wonderful event here.