Soulful Cooking with Solar Energy

There is a distinct flavour found in food cooked using solar rays, and add organic wholesome produce to the equation, and you will see why once people switch to this sustainable alternative lifestyle, they never look back.

 On the occasion of women's day, the CotFoo team attended a Solar Cooking workshop hosted at the Jimmy Mcgillan center for sustainability by Padma Shri Janak Palta. The workshop was exclusively for men, so on women's day, women could actually take the day off. Baingan ka bharta, Hibiscus tea, chocolate cake and Puran Poli were the main attraction, cooked by the men, although through various experimentations. Everyone was astonished how delicious the simple everyday food tasted, and how everything from boiling water to baking a cake could be done through solar cooking

 The CotFoo team loved how sustainable and eco friendly solar cooking is and hopes to find more such homes and hosts. You can find more about Jimmy Mcgilligan centre for sustainable development here